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Update: Summer 2018

2018 has been a big year for Whippoorwill Hill. The inaugural event kicked off last September, and after a few wonderful 2017 weddings and events, a cold winter, and a slow spring that allowed us to enjoy about three full weeks of daffodils, our first “busy season” is in full swing. What we love

You Get What You Give

We already have a blog entitled, “Momma Always Said” so this one will don the title of one of her little quotes. My Momma always said, “you get what you give, little girl.” Now, on to one of the many moments when I realized, once again, that Momma’s always right. You know those little

Helping or Hoarding?

Jeff and I both are alarmingly effective at fabricating reasons to purchase what we’ll henceforth refer to in this blog as “treasures.” Auctions of all kinds (but especially Dinkey’s), Facebook Marketplace, and that beautiful bulletin board at Rural King with deals ranging from chainsaw sharpening to pygmy goat baby sales are what trips our

Rustic Nuptials

In case you missed the article Mary Shown wrote about our farm for the Herald Times back in December, please click on the article below to open a PDF version! For more information on Whippoorwill Hill or booking your event, please call or email us at (812) 327-4218 or

Outstanding Preservation Project

We have very limited experience in this realm, but it turns out that when you receive an award—especially one you weren’t expecting—you spend some time reflecting on how it all came to be. Reflecting and counting our blessings are the two main things Jeff and I have done since we were notified about our

Bloom Feature

The October/November issue of Bloom is hot off the press!  Bloom was kind enough to feature our farm and venue in this issue.  A brief history of the farm and how Jeff and I stumbled upon it is captured in our Bloom Feature located here! If you’d like a hard copy of the magazine, please

Mary’s Debut

“What is an old farm without an old farm truck?” you say? Well, had you asked us a week ago we would have said “a lot of work.” Ask us today, and the answer is largely the same, but now it’s “a lot of work with a really sweet old truck to look at.”

Momma Always Said

My momma always said, “better late than never.” Let’s hope your momma said that too, because by all blogging standards we are failing miserably at keeping you, our loyal readers, up to date with what is going on with our farm on a regular basis. For that we are sorry and will do better!

Lights! (Camera and Action Forthcoming)

During the barn reconstruction at Whippoorwill Hill, we noticed that there was no horizontal beam in the center of the barn that would be well-suited for installing a lighting focal point. Upon our request, Indiana Barns installed, leveled, and secured an additional reclaimed 8”x8” hardwood beam specifically for a chandelier in the centermost and

Structural Fortification

One of the very last things we wanted to think about when we elected to undertake moving a barn from Manilla to Bloomington was the diligence required to ensure that the barn was structurally sound enough to house our future guests. I take that back—it was one of the last things I wanted to